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To prepare for this unique opportunity, she put in a five-week swim focus, while still maintaining her bike and run training. Her PR for the event is 16:35, which she swam in 2013 when she was a full-time swimmer, and yet as a now-triathlete she only swam 11 seconds slower at the British trials last month. She was out touched for the win by just 0.16 seconds, and she raced it in true Lucy form—from the front and daring others to go with her. British Swimming would have required a 16:05 to be considered for the Olympic team, so sadly we won’t see Lucy compete in the Olympics in swimming. However, her performance is incredibly impressive as a full-time long-course triathlete. Lucy’s specialty is iron-distance racing and to see her still have all the ability and skills to compete at world class level in a much shorter swimming event was pretty mind-blowing. By sheer virtue of the long-course tri to “short-course tri” event crossover, she gets the nod for number one. It is difficult to find exactly when Carol ran her blistering 32:11 qualifying time for the 2000 Olympics, but in doing so she easily hit Canada’s 32:30 10K “A standard.” Carol was the original Gwen Jorgensen in ITU racing, consistently running 33 minutes off the bike—which very few women were doing at the time. To have qualified for two events at a single Olympic Games, both triathlon and track (10K) is still unheard of today.  While we have athletes like Gwen and now Beth Potter who have each focused on an individual sport in a given Olympic cycle, we’ve yet to see another triathlete do both at once. No one has matched this accomplishment 20+ years later. Unfortunately, Carol crashed in the triathlon event at the 2000 Olympics and was unable to race the 10K on the track in Sydney. Tyler began running some very fast marathons in preparation to qualify and eventually place 12th at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He comes from an incredibly rich endurance sport background: His mother ran 2:38 to place fourth at the ‘85 Boston Marathon and his father is a decorated professional triathlete who competed and placed in the top 10 in Kona in the ‘80s. Tyler is no stranger to excelling in individual sport performances, as he raced as a professional cyclist for a number of years too before eventually returning to triathlon. Tyler’s triathlon resume is long: He was the youngest competitor at the Athens Olympics and has won multiple non-draft events across many distances. And his marathon training paid off, as he had some particular fast run performances off the bike since that run focus. Most memorably, running a 2:38 marathon off the bike to win Ironman Cozumel in 2019. Many U.S.-based readers may read this stat and ask, “Who?” Steffen was an incredibly talented weblink ITU athlete whose peak years were around 2008-2012. His accomplishments tend to be overshadowed by a slew of other incredible talented German short-course male triathletes at the time: Daniel Unger, Maik Petzold, Jan Frodeno, and Christian Prochnow, just to name a few.

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Micheál Martin also said that Ireland would be part of the EU programme on travel and will restore connectivity as soon as it is safe to do so. He said this was crucial for aviation and tourism. Meanwhile, pharmacists have been sidelined from the national vaccination programme, with 2,000 fully-trained vaccinators "ready to go", according to the Irish Pharmacy Union. IPU Secretary General Darragh O'Loughlin said people need to get vaccines "as easily, as conveniently and as locally as possible" and that pharmacies are well-placed to make this happen. Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Claire Byrne, he said the notion of running vaccination centres for 24 hours a day on the basis that people are so desperate they would turn up for one at 4am, instead of opening up pharmacies to vaccination, is difficult to understand. Mr O'Loughlin said 1,200 pharmacists have expressed an interest in providing the service and 2,000 are fully-trained vaccinators that are "ready to go", but have been sidelined by the Health Service Executive. He said nobody has asked for all-night centres for vaccination, but people were asking pharmacists every day to vaccinate them. He said GPs have done great work in vaccinating people but they cannot keep up with their regular work as a result. A Monaghan-based GP said she does not believe there is currently an appetite among the public for 24-hour vaccine access, but said that could change if there was the bonus of a vaccine passport that allowed more access to travel and events. Speaking on the same programme, Dr Ilona Duffy said at present it is at-risk patients and those with underlying illness, as well as those who live with a high-risk person who are contacting surgeries seeking vaccination. She also said that NIAC needs to consider whether it is necessary for people to wait onsite for 15 minutes after vaccination, as this could open up more settings for vaccination. The lead medical consultant at the Tropical Medical Bureau said a significant number of people are coming in for PCR tests to enable them to travel to their home countries so they can get a Covid-19 vaccine. Dr Graham Fry said vaccination centres should be open until 10pm and the idea of drive through vaccination centres should be examined. He also said it does not make sense to keep changing the protocols around AstraZeneca because this is making people feel uncertain about a vaccine that "99.99% of people" will not have a problem with. Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said decisions will be made later this week on the vaccination programme, following recommendations from the HSE. He said he will be speaking to the Chief Medical Officer and the National Immunisation Advisory Committee about it. Minister Donnelly said a key issue was safety, vaccinating those most at risk and also not leaving any spare vaccines.