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In Winchester, veterans are learning how to fly #drones through a free program. I caught up with them in the middle of their training. Tonight at 5:30 & 11, you’ll hear why this opportunity is so important to these students @WKYT — Shelby Lofton (@ShelbyWKYT) May 7, 2021 Six heroes are completing a three-week course to earn their pilot’s license. They start their day studying and practicing movements inside. This week, they took on flying in their outdoor classroom. Veteran Lubrina Burton said taking her skills outside has been a challenge, but she said she loves working with her new team to complete a mission. Burton served in the army in Germany. She said coming back to the U.S. was a difficult transition. “You just kind of come back and try to hide and mix in, but when you find out there are other veterans around, it’s kind of like trying to find a family,” she said. Burton said, not only is this program empowering financially, it’s also a dream come true for her. “For me it’s a personal fulfillment too,” Burton said. “I always loved aviation so if I can’t fly an airplane, this may be the closest I’ll get, then I think I might be happy. For veterans, if it’s just something you’ve always wanted to do, it’s not as intimidating as it may look.” Student Rodney James plans to open his own business once he’s licensed and has done more training. “I have a lot of friends who are real estate agents, I’d like to assist them their listings,” he said. “I have friends who have property, maybe be able to survey their property, get a good look at their farms, their operations, and any other thing I can come up with to help those who I know.” This class of students will graduate from the course on May 28. Corporate sponsors and individuals covered the cost of the program and every veteran will complete the course for free. Dynamic Drone Solution is partnered with Lady Veterans Connect in Winchester.

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Management must ensure that security is incorporated with the organization’s current processes. Ensure compliance with internal as well external requirements: ISG must incorporate relevant laws and policies. learn here A risk-based security program should pursue new rules and procedures without a doubt that General Data Protection Act (GPL) would provoke the organizations that do not have a security program. Promote a positive security environment: It is essential to create awareness among the employees about why is Security Governance critical and how to maintain it. The organization can organize security training programs to create awareness and train the employees for the same. Performance analysis: Analysis of the information security performance should be monitored regularly and analyzed to ensure that they do not go against the organization’s rules and policies. With regular updates of security policies, a secure environment is established. Information Security Governance Maintenance It is essential to maintain information security governance. The base guidelines are constructed based on the company’s laws and regulations and incorporate a mitigation plan in case a cyberattack is encountered. Information security is an indispensable aspect for an organization, and hence it is vital to have a proper security governing strategy. Security governance of an organization is maintained in the following ways: Understanding the necessity of the of information security governance Addressing the threats and risks with the appropriate mitigation plans Ensuring coordination between the various levels of management Ensuring the standards are based on the organization’s needs. Senior officers, like CISO officers, should monitor and plan security policies based on the previous observations made. Organizations should ensure that legal measures and considered and incorporated at all times. Risk assessments of a cyber threat should be evaluated and analyzed by the CISO officer to ensure security. Information security governance is an important aspect that needs constant evaluation and monitoring to protect the organization from cyberattacks. Governance elaborates the accountability framework, which is responsible for mitigating the risks caused. Information security governance is monitored by the organization’s CISO officer and is responsible for assisting, developing, reviewing, and organizing security policies. It is essential to have successful security governance to protect the organization’s data against external or internal threats.